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Junior Class

Kung Fu classes for students aged 4 upwards.


Kung Fu is about building your awareness and confidence to avoid difficult situations.


Improve and extend your fitness with every class. Stretching your abilities. Keeping on your toes for every situation.

Confidence & Leadership

Peer pressure and bullying are a major worry to parents; by giving them confidence, martial arts can help eradicate this worry. As our students progress, it doesn't just stop at the their black belt, we look to provide black belt student with leadership opportunities.

Martial Arts

Understand and apply Wing Chun Kung Fu to your own life and start your journey. Application of techniques within sparring situations.

Building key skills to aid a life time

The most common thing we hear from parents with 3-6 year olds is "He doesn't concentrate for more than 5 minutes" - "She has no focus" - "We need some discipline!". WM Wing Chun Kung Fu our classes support in providing routines and drills that improve concentration and focus and allow for students to develop key skills.

Fun with Friends

But most of all, we want to have fun!!  Our classes are high paced, leaving no time to be bored! Your child will soon make lots of friends and start working effectively as part of a team.

Parent/carer Participation

Be warned parents, we do like to get parents/carers involved in our classes


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Junior classes take place on Tuesdays at Horton Kirby & South Darenth Village Hall and Saturdays at Fawkham Village Hall.

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