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"He’s really enjoying it and it has already worked wonders for his confidence"

- Junior Parent

The WM Wing Chun Kung Fu Team

Wayne Muir

Head Instructor

Lewis Muir

Deputy Head Instructor

Kelly Muir

Assistant Head Instructor for Inclusion

Hannah Walker

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Our aim here at WM Wing Chun Kung Fu is to teach children and adults self-defence, fitness and martial arts and also increase our students confidence, self-esteem, focus and concentration. Through the discipline of Wing Chun Kung Fu and the evolving system and training we start them on a Journey of self control, respect and improved attitude.


Our instructors are all fully DBS checked as well as first aid trained. Our team has also been threw detailed Safeguarding training to ensure the greatest level of support can provided to the students and families that attend our classes. We look to ensure that our services revolve around our students and their needs, looking to adapt and change to different circumstances. Everyone is always welcome!

Lewis and Kelly both have worked in education settings from nursery to college level, providing experience and knowledge of the needs and abilities that come through our doors. 

Instructors of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Fawkham and Horton Kirby & South Darenth. Teaching Fitness, Self-Defence and Martial Arts to Kids, Juniors, Teens and Adults. With private lessons available to those that wish to train and start their journey solo, as well as structured Fitness Classes that look to help and support health and well-being.

As part of our classes you will understand other martial arts and boxing techniques to be able to practice and apply. Train in Boxing and Kung Fu martial arts to develop your self-defence, confidence, focus and respect!

Safeguarding Children and Adults

WM Wing Chun Kung Fu is committed to the safeguarding and protection of its students and families. With staff members that work in the education sector, we are equip to ensure we can help and protect our students and their families. WM Wing Chun Kung Fu has met the requirements and criteria of the Safeguarding Code, which means we have achieved the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts Award.


"Wayne and Lewis manage to keep levels of concentration and achievement up with an easy enthusiasm that is quite addictive. I enjoy the atmosphere and I find that I look forward to finding out more about the art as a result."

David Cooke - Adult Student

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